Military Training- Busy Schedules- Adapt & Overcome

There is a period in our Military careers when we are almost in a honeymoon phase. We are new, and the experience is vibrant.

I have seen this from the active-duty military side but also in the recruiting process when you see how excited new applicants get when they are learning and preparing for the fantastic lifestyle change, we call military life.

Military Life
Protect & Serve At All Costs

These levels of excitement can stay, and one may seem “motivated.” Still, eventually, our bodies and minds start showing signs of the stresses of being a military member.

Towards the end of a military member’s career, it becomes more pacing yourself and managing pain to reach the completion of your honorable service to your country.

As our families grow and responsibilities increase, our time decreases to pump iron or get those desired road miles.

The thing that will not change or get easier will be the performance standards your organization requires you to uphold.

The mission requirements will take up most of your time, and sometimes those requirements will require more desk work than exercise.

If you have the mindset that you need two hours to work out and your schedule does not allow for that, will you allow your performance standards to drop?

As you get farther along in your career, will you let your military appearance to get progressively worse?

It is possible to maintain your family life, workload, and fitness levels.

We at Military Fit know that you can reach your goals and have an excellent balance along the way. This includes keeping time for those things that you know you need to do, such as running, resistance training, meal prepping, etc.

In this particular article, we want to focus on your workouts, but this could be focused in whatever area you need to work on.

What are you training for?

What does your job require you to be able to do?

What equipment will you have available?

If you are running short on time and finding it hard to work out, I would suggest circuits or round training to fit exercise out in your hectic schedule.

If you are training for a combat fitness test, you can work on more anaerobic conditioning to ensure you are attaining those training adaptations well in advance to your upcoming tests.

Circuit and round training work well with military standards and expectations.

These also work well for conditioning for martial arts training and to improve how well you do in sparring.

The first few minutes of all-out force output in a fight is something a few of us Americans get to experience.

If you have ever stepped on a grappling mat for the first time, you may have felt gassed or exhausted quicker than you expected.

This same feeling may happen when you complete a run with equipment on for 800 meters. The reason for this is because the energy systems are not adequately developed, and your body is not very efficient in this anaerobic arena.

The fact that you could be fighting for your life or others should stimulate you to train differently than your counterparts in the gym do.

Stay Fit. Stay Ready.

Example Circuit:

Complete the exercises below-top to bottom before taking your rest period.

The repetitions will be starting at ten reps per exercise. The total rounds will start at five rounds.

The general rule of thumb will be to increase repetitions first, and then once you get to 15 reps, you will adjust back down to 10 reps and add a complete round.

The exercises can be modified depending on what equipment is available to you but should be a weight or level that is challenging to you.

If you have room and want to make it more intense add a 200 Meter to 400 Meter Sprint between each round.

Military Workout

Kettlebell Goblet Squat
Push Up
Bent Over Alt Kettlebell Row
Turkish Half Get Up
Kettlebell Swings
Rest 90 Seconds and Start back at the top.

As our lives, change, and our military responsibilities increase, you may find that you have less time to work out; Adapt and overcome.

As our mission requirements adjust and our physical testing changes with improved science-driven data supporting it; Adapt and overcome.

If you want to be the tip of the spear, you need to stay sharp and lethal. This will take training and dedication, and you need to adjust and learn ways to keep up with the changes.

Military Fit Apparel

The younger military force will not care if you have nine kids or if you are a senior enlisted advisor.

To modify the lyrics of Toby Keith, you may not be as fit as you once were, but you are as fit today as you will ever be.

Make the decision today to exercise a fit schedule.

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Written By: Jeremy Mallory

coach mallory
-Coach Mallory-






I am an active duty Marine, and I work as an instructor at officer candidate school in Quantico, Virginia.  I began working with tactical athletes both as a unit leader and working with military and first responders out in the community.

I currently train military and law enforcement in the great D.C. metro area.  I have worked with military units from various countries while traveling, sharing training methods and ideas both in their martial arts training and physical training methods. My most recent specialization was as an Alpha Warrior Obstacle Course Level I and Level II Certification. Alpha Warrior is the Army and Air Force’s new fitness programming push to prepare soldiers and airmen for tactical performance.  I have a tactical fitness certification and performance specialist through Exos.

Some of my other specializations include: martial arts conditioning, corrective exercise, group fitness, precision nutrition, strength and conditioning, performance enhancement specialist, battle ropes, bodybuilding, kettlebells, and I am a Master Certified Fitness Trainer.