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The Ladder Method: Simple & Effective

The ladder method is very simple- You start with one rep and then add an extra rep with each set- The goal is to hit 5 sets.

You will rest 30 seconds in between each set.

After each ladder- start at 1.

This sequence will ultimately have you repping 15 Pull-Ups.

Start with one ladder- then move on two- Then 3, etc. (progressions)

-completing 3 ladders would be 45 pull-ups with this sequence-

-completing 5 ladders would be 75 pull-ups

-completing 7 ladders- would be 105 pull-ups and so on.

Chris, I can’t even do one pull up- How am I going to smash out 15 reps?

well, watch the first video below- Start incorporating those progressions-


You can also use a resistance band to incorporate assistance throughout the pull-up-for the ladder.

  • I recommend always starting with bodyweight- increase your strength and muscular endurance with bodyweight and then move on to adding a load or extra resistance-


-The Ladder looks Like This-

Rep Sequence-

One Rep

Rest 30 Seconds

Two reps

Rest 30 Seconds

3 reps

Rest 30 seconds

4 reps

rest 30 seconds

5 Reps

The 3 main benefits of this type of training

  1. Stack Up- Volume– This type of method allows you to knock out more reps in a more controlled matter
  2. . Reduces Muscle Fatigue- Allows your body optimal rest- to knock out each set.
  3. Less time under tension(Grip)-  Usually grip is a main indicator of individuals not being able to crank out more reps- this allows optimal time of rest for your grip to be strong and firm on the bar.


The sequence of the Ladder Method-

Here is a video from one of our guys deployed overseas- He is currently training for ACFT and also on his way getting certified as a fitness and nutrition coach! Super pumped for him 🙂

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A little motivation:

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Chris Satterwhite

NASM CPT- Ex-College Athlete-

” Put your head down and work ”

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