10 Ways To really Live & Experience Daily Self-Improvement

What does it look like to really grab life by the horns, and improve mind, body, and our gladiator spirit daily? There is a huge difference between just existing, and really living life, and maxing out your full potential. Here are ten ways to up your game and experience self-improvement every day.


  1. Carpe Diem!


Seize the day and get running right out of the gate. A body in motion stays in motion. One of the best ways to really experience life and start the day right is just to hit the road as soon as you step foot out of bed. You’ll clock up an immediate win, and staring those endorphins pumping and improve productivity for the rest of the day. We encourage you to get up early and crush a 5 AM-Military fit workout. Get moving! 


  1. Eat Well


As every accomplished warrior knows; what you eat has a direct effect, not only on your body but your mind as well. We as men have lost touch with our relationship with food. I’m not saying all men but a majority has. Start taking pride in what you put in your body and how you prepare it. Yes, it takes extra time but the results and satisfaction outweigh time. 


  1. Eat the Frog


Legendary writer Mark Twain is credited with the concept of ‘eating the frog first’. That means if you have an unpleasant task or situation to deal with, tackle it first thing. Once you get that out of the way, everything else will be easier that day. Time management expert Brian Tracy says, “if you have to eat two frogs, eat the ugliest one first.” 


  1. Conquer New Heights Daily


Real warriors and champions get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Find something new to try daily. Something which pushes you out of your comfort zone. If it is both amazing, and terrifying, you should absolutely do it. That may be traveling to a new country to train, where you don’t even speak the language, taking on climbing a tall temple or water slide even though you hate heights, or buying that tank top and short shorts to improve your tan and motivate you to train harder, even though you don’t feel ready to rock it yet.  


  1. Set bigger goals


As we mention Micro goals are extremely important. So are BIG goals or milestones. They should push you to crush your micro goals. Having bigger goals and can set you apart from most men. Set a big goal and figure out what needs to be done to get there. 

What’s the biggest one you can dream of? What’s the next big milestone you can take on? A 5k, at the half marathon? A full marathon? 


  1. 1 More Rep

You don’t just leap to being an Olympic athlete or title belt holder overnight. It takes daily training. You only improve if you are constantly pushing yourself. Start with whatever you can do, and determine to add one more rep or pound each week. Don’t start counting reps or steps until it starts to hurt. We believe in different types of training to build your maximum strength.  


  1. Practice Gratitude


There are few things that will elevate your spirit, mind, and ability to accomplish things as practicing gratitude daily. In this data-packed blog on the benefits of gratitude from Happier Human, the math suggests that spending just five minutes a day on a free gratitude journal can deliver more happiness, health benefits, longevity, richer relationships, and better decision making. 


  1. Read Something


Leaders read and are constantly learning. If you look at true financial titans, the most respected life-hackers, and other leaders, they have one common habit – they read. The Huffington Post points to those like Mark Cuban, Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Oprah Winfrey, and Mark Zuckerberg, who all read a lot. Warren Buffett spends as much as 80% of his time reading, and CNBC says the science shows it can make you smarter. 


  1. Track It


What gets measured gets improved. It is far easier to clock up consistent improvements if you are tracking your achievements and progress. Use a journal, fitness app, or spreadsheet to track your health and fitness gains, as well as other improvements. You don’t have to compete with others, just try to beat your personal best, and be the best you can be. 


  1. Find Ways to Help Others


The highest and best use of our achievements and perhaps the most rewarding thing in life is helping others. For the Spartans it was protecting their families, for the Samurai is was defending others, for our military, it is preserving our freedom and freeing others. The stronger, freer, and more enlightened we are, the more opportunities we have to do this. On a daily basis, this can be coaching or mentoring others, bringing them rucking alongside you, or just giving out free smiles and brightening up others’ day when running with your sandbags, etc. Set yourself some new missions in this area, and see how great it feels.  

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