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Become Mentally Tough & Physically Fit

The men’s fitness industry has also veered off track. 

No longer is the need for survival dependent upon our ability to wrestle a wild boar, whilst simultaneously fending off a neighboring warrior tribe.

Our sedentary way of life keeps ass to chair most of the day, leaving little time to maintain the agility and functionality our bodies were intended for. The end result is often the isolation, and overuse of certain muscle groups. 

All that time spent at the pump factory, hammering out rep after rep, typically makes you appear more fit than you really are.

So, if you want to actually turn yourself into the physically and mentally toughest guy in the room... then our training will give you the ability to dominate anything.

Men Before Us Didn’t Have Fancy Fitness Technology or Shiny Gym Equipment To Stay Fit.

Today, our workouts don’t take into account the natural way our bodies react to the demands of life. Men have forgotten the right way to move. 

Most guys walk into commercial gyms and simply go through the motions. 

Or, they end up in these “competitive style” gyms, doing thousands of box jumps.

There’s still an elite group of men out there, thriving on the edge, defining the limits of fitness. For over two hundred years, the military has effectively forged strong men. 

Our guys are arguably the toughest in the world. They’re the kind of men your grandpa spoke of. Each one armed with mental resilience and physical stamina. 

At Military Fit, we’ve developed a program that gives guys like you access to the same training strategies and techniques used by our Special Forces. 

Special Force teams can be deployed anywhere, and to stay in top shape, they make it work wherever they are. 

They train to stay alive. 

Similarly, our workouts are designed to increase your fitness and conditioning levels outside the gym without the use of fancy equipment. 

You’re a man; you don’t need an air-conditioned gym with high-tech weight machines and floor length mirrors for your selfies. 

These workouts go towards efficiency in movement for the practical modern day man. 

Men before us didn’t have technology or fancy equipment to back them up. They had guts. Backbones made of courage. 

They used the strength of their hands to build this country from the ground up, to defend it, to salute it. 

Building strength isn’t about the tips and tricks that make up the bulk of fitness programs out there. 

It’s about learning the fundamentals, and getting back to the basics. The way nature intended us to.

Introducing: Military Fit Basic Training

It’s about being ready, adapting to real life, and grasping the importance of being fit to be useful.

Elite Military Programmed Workouts

Step 1

Designed to increase your fitness and conditioning levels without the need for a gym membership or fancy equipment.

Injury Prevention and Mobility Training

Step 2

Increase your range of motion, eliminate injuries during training and help your body recover better from your workouts.

Meal Programs Designed For Today's Men

Step 3

We’re not a diet. Our nutrition protocol is a guiding tool for you to be be able to recover and perform at your full potential. 

Be Fit To Be Useful

Inspired by the nature of the elite, Military Fit is the first and only fit company to combine functional special forces training with mental toughness routines. 

We’re not joking. 

This is the sort of well-rounded fitness our forces achieve. 

Our training program includes functional fitness that relates directly to survival. 

While you may never be dropped off inside enemy territory, you’ll be Military Fit with the added bonus of being able to perform during challenging real life scenarios. 

You can be the fittest person in the room, but if you freeze with fear, you're useless. 

Being able to knock out 30 bicep curls, or completing eight levels of your popular work out, doesn’t necessarily translate into body control. It definitely won’t help you out when shit hits the fan.

The Ability To Continue Moving When You Are Scared, Fearful or Lazy Is The Sign Of True Mental Toughness!

It’s about being ready, adapting to real life, and grasping the importance of our body and mind working as a unit. 

That could mean fighting back or having your brothers back. 

It could mean using your ability to stay calm and confident during life-threatening situations. 

If our minds can't stay calm, we can't focus, we lose belief in ourselves, and the people who count us suffer. 

It's why Military Fit focuses on building mental toughness through physical fitness. 

Inside the program you'll go through self-discovery to find the purpose that’s driving your desire to be better. While others quit when things get hard, you'll have the right mental framework to succeed.