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The End Of Men Is Upon Us. Studies Prove You’re Now Half The Man Grandpa Was.

There was a time when men were allowed to be men. No matter who he was, or the circumstances he was handed, a man could rely on what he knew about being a man to get him through.  

Being a man used to mean something. For generations, being a man meant having mettle, facing demands with resilience. You never needed much to be a man. It wasn’t about the dollars in your wallet or what was stored in your garage. It was having respect for all things, being humble, and loving your family.

Chances are, if you were lucky enough to know him, your grandfather constantly reminded you how different things used to be. He believed there was no better smells than those of a well working machine and fresh tobacco. Growing up he shared how he proposed to your grandma three weeks after meeting her; the day before he went off to war.

The man wouldn’t be caught dead in a dirty car. He was a firm believer in taking great pride in keeping things nice. Masculinity wasn’t an issue for him. He was simply a man.

These days, the modern world no longer makes room for men to be men. The idea of masculinity, often warped and misrepresented, its core values lost somewhere along the way. As far as we’re concerned, masculinity isn’t the only segment of a man’s world in peril.

Men Before Us Didn’t Have Fancy Fitness
Technology or Shiny Gym Equipment To Stay Fit.

The men’s fitness industry has also veered off track. No longer is the need for survival dependent upon our ability to wrestle a wild boar, whilst simultaneously fending off a neighboring warrior tribe.

This leaves us with two reasons to work out:

  • Looking good
  • Your doctor told you to

Even with the demise of masculinity, somewhere deep in their souls, men still possess the desire to be strong, fit, and have abs that someone would enjoy eating sushi off of.

Our sedentary way of life keeps ass to chair most of the day, leaving little time to maintain the agility and functionality our bodies were intended for. The end result is often the isolation, and overuse of certain muscle groups. All that time spent at the pump factory, hammering out rep after rep, typically makes you appear more fit than you actually are.

Today, our workouts don’t take into account the natural way our bodies react to the demands of life. Humans have forgotten the right way to move.  Most guys walk into commercial gyms and simply go through the motions. Or, they end up in these “competitive style” gyms, doing thousands of box jumps.

There’s still an elite group of men out there, thriving on the edge, defining the limits of fitness. For over two hundred years, the military has effectively forged strong men. Our guys are arguably the toughest in the world. They’re the kind of men your grandpa spoke of. Each one armed with mental resilience and physical stamina.

At Military Fit, we’ve developed a program that gives guys like you access to the same training strategies and techniques used by our Special Forces.

Special Force teams can be deployed anywhere, and to stay in top shape, they make it work wherever they are. They train to stay alive. Similarly, our workouts are designed to increase your fitness and conditioning levels outside the gym without the use of fancy equipment. You’re a man; you don’t need an air-conditioned gym with high-tech weight machines and floor length mirrors for your selfies. These workouts go towards efficiency in movement for the practical modern day man.

Men before us didn’t have technology or fancy equipment to back them up. They had guts. Backbones made of courage. They used the strength of their hands to build this country from the ground up, to defend it, to salute it.

Building strength isn’t about the tips and tricks that make up the bulk of fitness programs out there. It’s about learning the fundamentals, and getting back to the basics. The way nature intended us to.

What you get with our workouts:

  • “Special Forces” Programmed Workouts to increase your scenario readiness and strength
  • High Intensity Workouts that require little to no equipment
  • Focus on Injury Prevention and Mobility
  • Brand New Training Programs Each Month
  • 24/7 Support from our team of certified Fitness Instructors and Personal Trainers

The Ability To Continue Moving When You Are Scared,
Fearful or Lazy Is The Sign Of True Mental Toughness!

Inspired by the nature of the elite, Military Fit is the first and only fit company to combine functional special forces tactics with mental preparedness exercises.  

We’re not joking. This is the sort of well-rounded fitness our forces achieve. Our workouts include functional fitness that relates directly to survival. While you may never be dropped off inside enemy territory, you’ll be Military Fit with the added bonus of being able to perform during challenging real life scenarios.

You can be the fittest person in the room, but if you freeze with fear, you're useless. Being able to knock out 30 bicep curls, or completing eight levels of your popular work out, doesn’t necessarily translate into body control. It definitely won’t help you out when shit hits the fan.

Be Fit To Be Useful.

It’s about being ready, adapting to real life, and grasping the importance of our body and mind working as a unit.

That could mean fighting back or assisting others. It could mean using your ability to stay calm and confident during life-threatening situations. If our minds can't stay calm, we can't focus, and we lose belief in ourselves. We achieve this by understanding the complexities that connect our body and mind, specifically as men.

This is important, as it turns out you’re actually half the man you’re grandpa used to be. Studies suggest that, hormonally speaking, you’re about two-thirds the man your father was and maybe half the man your grandfather was.

Two major studies have confirmed the phenomenon. In the U.S. study, the total testosterone levels measured in men’s blood have dropped approximately 22%.

Honestly, this explains why grandpa could skin a calf, change the oil in his car, and grow a full beard all in the same amount of time it takes us to watch two episodes of Game of Thrones. Men used to walk around with more swagger and vitality.

The Military Fit plan is easy to stick to, providing you with guidance and resources. We keep you on track so you can maintain eyes on the end results, and accomplish your mission. Inside the program you'll go through self-discovery to find the purpose that’s driving your desire to be better. While others quit when things get hard, you'll have the right mental framework to succeed.

Here's what it looks like:

  • Building an unshakeable belief in yourself and your ability to succeed at anything.
  • Action plans for building mental toughness to reach peak performance.
  • Learning the ability to withstand pain and fatigue is in your head.
  • Training your body to assist the trigger parts of the brain that controls quitting.
  • Conquer the fear of failure.
  • Effective leadership. Understanding the importance of leading yourself before you can lead others.
  • Taking control over your success.

When you build strength you’re creating an overall profound impact on your life. When we build strength, we become better men. We honor the strong men who came before us. Their strength is our inheritance.

With weekly emails and a new guide sent to you each month,  it’s easy to do the work for a long sustained period of time. You don’t need to be in the special forces to be the toughest guy in the room, you just need to start changing the patterns.

Man Is What He Eats

We’ve got nothing to prove. Just like the men we look up to, we keep it simple.

The Military Fit line is designed to help you perform your best, and recover quickly.  

We don’t want the junk. We want results. We put our focus on the things we love doing most. Military fit products are made in small batches using nature's most premium phytonutrients, vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, protein and superfoods. By nourishing your body with the world's most premium ingredients, you’re going to stay ready and stay fit.

We’re not a diet.

Our nutrition protocol is a guiding tool for you to make the most of your body. Our body is our main piece of equipment. Chances are you won't be able to recover and perform at your full potential, if you’re not making the effort to maintain it.

We’ll regularly send you:

  • Man Proof Meal Recipes: Easy steps & clean ingredients.
  • Shake Recipes: Ya. Those things you blend and can drink on the go.
  • Nutrition Information: We want to help you figure out what works best for your body.
  • Body Wellness: Nutrition goes beyond food, it’s about anything we put in or on our bodies.

We Might Not Be For You.

Men used to be strong. A man used to earn his reputation using his hands and working hard. The sweat that dripped off him, well that was the satisfaction of a job well done.

By todays’ standards, if you’re a man you’re probably going to be categorized as one of the following:

The Overly Competitive Macho Meat Head:  He’s never cried, never needed a hug from his wife. This action hero eats nuts, bolts, and the entire lion he wrestled for breakfast. Oh, and he’s always angry.

The Bumbling Dad / Husband: We’ve all seen this guy in TV ads and sitcoms. This guy is soft. So soft, that he has no idea how to deal with parenting, his marriage, or responding to workplace situations. He’s a nice guy. While he might not be able to tie his shoes, or help provide for his family, his wife lets him use the grill.

The Big Shot: CEO type, removed from the world, no time for anything or anyone. He’s defined by his professional status and wealth. Each night, before bed, this guy rinses his mouth out with 12-year barrel aged whiskey after brushing. Big Shot tends to have little regard for the mass amounts of women he’s sleeping with.

We happen to know men are more than the misconstrued archetypes listed above. Our program isn’t just for the middle-aged dad or husband. It’s for the guys who want to challenge themselves and transform into result-driven men who don’t quit. The Military Fit guy has resiliency, courage, and is self-reliant. He is ready to protect and perform.

It’s for the single young buck who wants his masculinity to be something worth admiring. It’s for the salty old timer who wants to revive the pulse in his pants. Our tactics help men become better leaders in service of their families, and communities. We give guys the space to rediscover the lost art of being a man and answer the natural call of being a badass.

Our world might be changing but we still believe in masculinity, and the value of a man’s strength and the significance of passing it on from one generation to the next.

Your grandpa had balls. It’s time to get yours back. When you’re ready to step into your power + leadership - we'll be here waiting.

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